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Outsulation Benefits:

Energy Efficiency
Insulate Your Space

Victoria B.C.


Outsulation enhances a buildings’ energy-efficiency, performance, and provides a simultaneous vapor permeable blanket against your building, while helping to protect against heat loss. Outsulation systems are designed to perform in all climates, weather conditions, and on all structure types. Protect your buildings’ exterior through our outsulation installation services in Victoria.

Our team will sequentially install adhesive, rigid insulation, glass fiber mesh embedded in base coat, and finish to your buildings exterior.

One of our experts will be happy to speak with you about Outsulation and whether it’s right for your project needs.

Committed to providing you with the best Outsulation services at competitive cost.
– Vic City Exteriors
The ultimate defense against heat loss

Our outsulation system consists of an exterior insulation and finish system with engineered moisture drainage that incorporates continuous insulation and an air and water-resistive barrier, offering your property the ultimate protection against heat loss.

This system is specially designed to combat thermal heat transfer.