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Vic City Exteriors provides home and business owners in Victoria with exceptional exterior services, including siding, scaffolding, soffit, gutters, roofing and windows. As a local, community-oriented business, Vic City Exteriors is dedicated to ensuring we meet our customers’ every need on time, and with the highest quality.


Siding is a critical choice in building durability and the amount of maintenance that it will require. Siding can have a great impact on the overall aesthetic of your building.

Metal Cladding

Metal cladding delivers durable siding products resistant to warping, fading, cracking, and chipping. Usually chosen to offer protection from the elements, it can also provide a stunning exterior.

Scaffolding & Rentals

Our scaffold equipment is made using the industries highest standard materials for use on all job sites – commercial, industrial, and residential. We are well equipped to ensure your rentals will get the job done right, regardless of project size.

Speciality Sidings

Specialty sidings include a range of different derivative wood products that are formed together to create a material that is denser, stronger, and heavier than wood alone. Specialty sidings offer the aesthetic benefits of wood siding but last 10x longer and cost significantly less, and offer a more sustainable option to traditional wood as a building material.


Outsulation provides protection for your building’s exterior. This highly energy efficient insulated cladding system places insulation on the outside of the wall, where it is known to be most effective. Essentially, outsulation acts as a vapor permeable blanket for the building.

We work exclusively with the finest materials on the market, and offer a competitive guarantee available on all labour and materials. We never sacrifice quality for time and we work with our clients to provide realistic schedules, while meeting their design expectation. Your needs are our number one priority.
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Vic City Exteriors is the professional building envelope contractor you can trust to provide your project with exceptional services, including siding, scaffolding, soffit, gutters, roofing and windows.

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Vic City Exteriors is committed to offering professional services that will meet your needs. Whether you’d like to install siding on a residential or multifamily home, we’ve got you covered.

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We offer experience in a large array of siding products
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Over the years, Vic City Exteriors has become renowned for its outstanding quality of work.

The siding on your home usually covers 70% or more of its exterior, explaining why replacing siding can dramatically increase the attractiveness of your home. Siding is not just for show, however. Siding is the primary line of defense against the harsh elements of the West coast. The level of moisture in our area can take a toll on your siding and create dry-rot and molding of sheathing underneath. Replacing your existing siding will help to eradicate these issues and transform your home from weathered to beautiful.


“I hired them to replace some siding, they did it the next day and did a great job. They did an excellent job, quality work, done quickly and cleaned up really well. Excellent value for the money”

Siding Installation Victoria B.C.

Vic City Exteriors carries several different siding materials well-suited for the wet climate of the West coast. To help you choose the siding that best fits your home or commercial building, our product page describes the strengths and typical applications for each.